The 3-Kilometer-Wide Art Project That Few Have Seen

三公里寬藝術計畫 得幸目睹者不多

By Jori Finkel

LOS ANGELES–Two years ago, not long after he turned 45, Ed Sweeney made a list of things to do before he died. Take his wife to Machu Picchu. Take his young son to see the space shuttle launch. And, what is proving to be most challenging, visit the Roden Crater, an extinct volcano northeast of Flagstaff, Arizona, that James Turrell has been transforming into a work of perceptual and celestial art since the late 1970s.
兩年前,艾德‧史威尼剛滿45歲後不久- ,他開了一張生前必做事情的清單。- 老婆到馬丘比丘。帶小兒子參觀太空- 發射。還有,現在證明最難辦到的事- :參觀「羅登火山口」,那是亞利桑- 州佛拉格史塔福東北部的一座死火山- 從1970年代末期起,詹姆斯‧特瑞爾- 一直在將它轉變成感性與天體藝術作- 。

A corporate pilot who lives near Los Angeles, Mr. Sweeney often flies over the volcano field near Flagstaff en route to Florida or Texas. He believes he has seen the Roden Crater from the air. So he visited the Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce, which gave him the number of the Skystone Foundation, which administers Mr. Turrell’s crater project.
住在洛杉磯附近,擔任企業專機駕駛- 的史威尼,在前往佛羅里達或德州途- ,經常飛越位在佛拉格史塔福附近的- 這片火山區。他自認曾經在空中看過- 登火山口。於是他拜訪佛拉格史塔福- 會,商會給他「天石基金會」的電話- ,這個基金會主管特瑞爾的火山口計- 。

A woman answered the phone. Mr. Sweeney received the official line: The crater would not be open to the public until 2011.
接電話的是一名女士。史威尼得到一- 官方答覆:火山口2011年才對大眾開放- 。

This makes the crater, in the logic of the art world, one of the hottest tickets around. Since Mr. Turrell bought the 400,000-year-old, 3-kilometer-wide crater in 1979 and began moving tons of earth to carve out different kinds of viewing chambers and tunnels – making his art of light, sky and astronomical events instead of, say, paint and canvas – anticipation has been building. Writers have compared it to Stonehenge and the Mexican pyramids.
根據藝術界的邏輯,這使火山口變得- 加吊人胃口。特瑞爾1979年買下這個已- 有40萬年歷史、3公里寬的火山口後,- 開始搬動一噸噸的泥土,鑿成種種不- 的觀景室與隧道,使得他以光線、蒼- 穹與天文大事構成的藝術(而不是,- 例說,用油彩與畫布完成的藝術)備- 外界期待。作家將它與英國的巨石群- 以及墨西哥的金字塔相提並論。

The question is when it will open to the public. After early reports that it would be completed in the late 1980s, that date has been pushed back several times for financial and artistic reasons. Mr. Turrell said in a statement issued by e-mail: “Visits are now restricted to those who already have supported my work or the work on the Crater. This is how it gets done. It will open to the public when finished. Your patience is no greater than mine.” He signed the message with a tag line he has used on T-shirts: “Sooner or later … Roden Crater.”
問題是火山口何時才對大眾開放。早- 的報導說,火山口將於1980 年代末期完成,但是因為財務與藝術- 由,日期已數度推遲。特瑞爾透過電- 郵件發表聲明說:「目前僅限贊助過- 我的作品或是贊助火山口這項作品的- 參觀。情況就是這樣。作品完成才會- 外開放。請耐心等待。」在電郵訊息- 的簽名位置上,特瑞爾留下他在T恤上- 過的標語:「遲早…羅登火山口見」- 。

It appears that Mr. Turrell’s dedication has been inspiring something similar from his fans. Eric Lindeman, an environmental designer from Los Angeles, visited the crater a few years ago when he was a student at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. He toured the area with two friends and his sister in his Chevy Suburban. After stopping at the Grand Canyon he persuaded them to try to find the Roden Crater.
情況似乎是,特瑞爾的專心致志也感- 了他的粉絲。洛杉磯環境設計師艾里- ‧林德曼幾年前參觀過火山口,當時- 他還是加州巴沙迪那「藝術中心設計- 院」學生。他與兩名友人及姊姊共乘- 的雪佛蘭Suburban遊覽那個地區。在大- 谷停留後,他說服他們試著找尋羅登- 火山口。

Given the lack of detailed maps it was not easy. They had to do some sleuthing, matching topographical maps in the Flagstaff library to an image once published in a magazine. They started driving, until it got dark and they decided to camp out. When they woke, they realized they were closer than they thought.
因為沒有詳圖,所以事情並不容易。- 們得做些偵查的工作,將佛拉格史塔- 圖書館中的地形圖和曾在一本雜誌上- 刊登的圖像相互比對。他們開始開車- 直到天黑,並決定紮營。醒來時,發- 他們比想像中更靠近火山口。

“It was the most surreal, magical moment,” Mr. Lindeman said. “As the sun was coming up, we realized we were on the south side of the crater looking north at it.”
林德曼說:「那真是最超現實、最幻- 般的一刻。太陽升起時,我們發現自- 在火山口的南端,面北就看見它。」-

From there, he said, luck was on his side; every path led to the lip of the crater, and every gate was open. It was only when they stopped the car that a construction manager started questioning them. Evidently he liked their answers and enthusiasm enough to give them a tour on the spot.
他說,之後,幸運之神一直眷顧他;- 條路通往火山口邊緣,且每道門通行- 阻。一直到他們停車,才有一位建築- 經理來問話。顯然,他很喜歡他們的- 覆與熱忱,竟准他們參觀整個地方。

Mr. Lindeman called the experience unforgettable. “To me it’s a great example of art and architecture becoming one,” he said. “I would not hesitate to call it one of the natural wonders of the world.”
林德曼說,那是一次畢生難忘的經驗- 他說:「對我來說,那是藝術與建築- 而為一的一個偉大例子。我會毫不遲- 疑的說,那是世界自然奇觀之一。」


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