A Deep Voice May Impart A Genetic Edge

嗓音低沈男人 基因優良子孫旺

By Nicholas Bakalar

A man with a deep voice may have a survival advantage, a better chance of passing on his genes.
嗓音低沉的人可能擁有生存優勢,繁- 其基因的機率較高。

Researchers have found that men with deeper voices have more children – at least among the Hadza, a group of hunter-gatherers in Tanzania.
研究人員已經發現,嗓音低沉的男性- 較多子女,至少坦尚尼亞的哈德薩族- 一個以狩獵採集維生的部落是如此。-

According to background information in an article published online for the Dec. 22 edition of Biology Letters, most women in Western societies find lower-pitched male voices more attractive, judging them healthier and more masculine. Meanwhile, men find higher-pitched voices more appealing.
根據12月22日《生物學通訊》網路版刊- 的一篇論文的背景資料,大多數西方- 社會的女性認為,聲音較低沉的男性- 迷人,認定他們更健康,也更有男子- 概。同時,男性認為比較高尖的嗓音- 更有吸引力。

The evolutionary reasons for reproductive success are difficult to discover in a society that uses modern birth control methods. The Hadza use no birth control and choose their own spouses; this makes them what the researchers call a “natural fertility population” where hypotheses about human reproductive success can be tested.
在使用現代避孕法的社會,難以發現- 做人」成功在演化層面的理由。哈德- 族不避孕且自己選擇配偶,使他們成- 為研究人員說的「自然生育人口」,- 以檢定有關人類「做人」成功的假設-

Researchers collected voice recordings and reproductive histories from 49 men and 52 women to determine if voice pitch might affect the number of children.
研究人員收錄49名男性和52名女性的聲- ,並採集個人生育資料,藉以判斷音- 調高低是否影響子女數量。

After controlling for age, voice pitch was a highly accurate predictor of the number of children a man fathered, and those with deeper voices fathered significantly more. The researchers estimated that voice quality alone could account for 42 percent of the variance in men’s reproductive success. The quality of women’s voices was unrelated to how many children they had.
控制年齡因素後,根據音調,可以非- 準確預測一名男子的子女數目,嗓音- 低沉的男性明顯有較多子女。研究人- 員估計,單是音質就能解釋男性「做- 」成功中42%的差異。女性的音質則與- 女數量無關。

The reasons that a lower-pitched voice gives a man a greater chance of producing many offspring are not clear, but the researchers make several suggestions. Deep-voiced men might have more mates, healthier mates or shorter intervals between births; perhaps they start reproducing at an earlier age.
嗓音較為低沉,使男性更能有許多子- 的原因不明,但研究人員有幾項聯想- 嗓音低沉的男性或許擁有較多性伴侶- 、比較健康的性伴侶或較短的生育間- ;也許他們在更年輕時就開始生育。

Coren Apicella, the lead author of the study and a doctoral candidate in biological anthropology at Harvard, said the findings “might not actually translate to anything in our society about reproductive benefit.” We look at many traits when choosing mates, she noted.
研究主要作者、哈佛大學體質人類學- 士候選人柯倫‧艾比切拉表示,研究- 發現「恐怕無法確實轉化成人類社會- 裡任何繁殖優勢。」她指出,我們選- 配偶時會考慮很多特質。
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